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Improve security

Feel comfortable and protected

It makes sense to take home security seriously, whether you live in an isolated rural environment or in a busy urban area. Locking windows and doors is a natural precaution. You may not realize, however, along with bringing views to the outside and access to natural light and providing a natural barrier, window and door glass can also be strengthened to provide even better defense.

And this same glass can also add another layer of protection: If it is broken by an errant ball or someone falls into it, it is less likely injury will result or that damage can occur.

Security concerns

It is important to limit the risk of home intrusion to protect your loved ones and your belongings. Potential intruders will focus on windows or doors, the perceived weak points in accessing a house. Installing bars or shutters over windows is an option, but they may make exiting your home in an emergency difficult, alter the appearance of your home and reduce the levels of natural light. You don’t have to live in fear or cover your windows.

Security concerns

Laminated glass to protect you

Laminated glass helps protect your property: two or more glass panes are permanently bonded with one or more plastic interlayers. When broken, the fragments adhere to the interlayer, so the glass will usually retain its stability and stay in frame. It is fairly difficult to penetrate, which decreases the chances that a person could enter.

Laminated glass to protect you

Safety concerns

If the glass is impacted to the point of breaking, because laminated glass will usually stay in the frame, there is less possibility that glass fragments will fall out and injure someone or damage your property. This glass can also significantly improve a window’s ability to withstand damage from high winds or flying debris while complying with applicable regulations. Imagine relaxing at home, bathed in natural light, content in the knowledge you’re protected by secure windows.

Safety concerns