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Ways to Use Glass: Glass Types for Interiors & Exterior

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Ways to use glass

Put glass to work beautifying your home inside and out 

The versatility of glass is almost boundless. Select the glass for your climate and desired look, and then step inside and decorate with light. The transparency and reflectivity of our interior glass allows you to create designs that move natural light through your spaces. The result is a home that can deliver the aesthetic you love and benefit from energy efficiency.

Glass for exteriors 

Are you installing new windows during a renovation? Or designing your dream home with skylights and dramatic doorways that connect living spaces? Perhaps you’re concerned about the durability of the glass for a family home?  Here’s how we can provide solutions along with stunning views and improved energy efficiency. 

  • Thermally insulating glass

    Thermally insulating glass in new windows to replace older, poorly insulated window glass

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  • Security glass

    Security glass in doors to help provide protection

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  • Solar control glass

    Solar control glass to help protect your sun-filled spaces from overheating

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  • Safety glass

    Safety glass to lower the risk of injury by sharp pieces of broken glass

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  • Sound control glass

    Sound control glass to help create a sanctuary from outside noise

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Glass for interiors 

Do you need to create a home office from a larger space? Are you thinking about creating a fresher look? Or are you brainstorming ways to open up your home’s interior? Our glass for interiors can help you with all of this. 

  • Glass in the kitchen

    Glass in the kitchen to break up an overly monochromatic look with a contrasting, easy-to-clean backsplash

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  • Glass stairs and railings

    Glass stairs and railings to open up views and make windows more accessible

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  • Glass furniture and mirrors

    Glass furniture and mirrors to reflect or transmit light and add depth to rooms

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  • Glass walls and partitions

    Glass walls and partitions to divide spaces but not the flow of light, potentially integrating privacy provisions

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