Malaya Ordynka

Moscow, Russia

A new 6-storey residential complex house in Malaya Ordynka is a masterpiece by ADM bureau. The authors of the project managed to blend this premium-class modern residential building into the historical center of the Russian capital.

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5 stars

Saint Petersburg, Russia

5 stars business class residential estate comprises five 14-storied blocks, located near Polyustrovsky pond and surrounded by green parks and public gardens. The façades of the buildings are remarkable for their unusual design – they are clad with colourful aluminium panels.

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The Address Boulevard

The Address Boulevard, Dubai

A city lifestyle resort set in the prestigious Downtown Dubai area, just a pleasant amble away from the cultural Opera District and The Dubai Mall, Address Boulevard offers world-class views of the magnificent Burj Khalifa - the world’s tallest building and an iconic symbol of Dubai.

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Art Residence

Moscow, Russia

One can now feel the atmosphere of European cities in a Moscow residential estate called Art Residence. The architects from Homeland Group opted for the erection of low-rise buildings reminiscent of European city manors. The facades of Art Residence quarter are an organic blend of classical constructivism and modern architecture. Each of the buildings within the complex is unique. They even have individual names such as Art, Biennale, Concept, Design, Etude, Form, Gallery, Harmony and Idea.

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Azure Skies

Kazan, Russia

Azure Skies is a premium-class residential complex located in the heart of Kazan, Tatarstan. This hi-tech modern skyscraper was built at the crossing of Vzletnaya and Patrice Lumumba streets. It is a hi-rise 37-storied building with laconic shape and reflective façade that astonishes both the citizens of Kazan and guests of the city.

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Moscow, Russia

The «Evolution» Tower of the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) also known as «Moscow City» is one of the brightest samples of landmark architecture in the Russian capital. This skyscraper is unique thanks to the balancing adjustment of its reinforced concrete framing, as it presupposes significant displacement of huge masses.

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Expoforum is a Convention and Exhibition Centre, that was opened in Saint-Petersburg in October 2014. The concept of the project and the architectural design of the center were developed by leading architectural bureaus, such as Gerasimov and partners, NPS Tchoban voss, SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov. They managed to create an image that embodies laconism of the cutting-edge trends in architecture, and at the same time to render the unique spirit and charm of Saint-Petersburg.

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Green Quarter

Astana, Kazakhstan

Multifunctional complex «Green Quarter» on the left bank of the Astana river is the first project in Kazakhstan that successfully passed the international certification according to LEED™ Campus Group system

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HYATT Regency

Moscow, Russia

The Hyatt Regency Moscow is located in Petrovsky Park in the center of the Russian capital. It comprises 298 rooms, whose windows face either the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), also known as Moscow City, or the green area of Petrovsky Park.

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Smolniy Park

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Smolniy Park residential complex is located in one of the most picturesque and prestigious districts of Saint-Petersburg, next to the Smolny Cathedral. It comprises 13 brick houses, seven of which are residential buildings, while the remaining four are for commercial purposes. The windows of the complex face the Neva river and the historical center of the city.

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