Guarding the world with our glass

Glass is a naturally sustainable product made of simple materials. We take pride in our longstanding tradition of making glass products that help our world and the people in it. We’re committed to producing safe, reliable glass solutions, operating a healthy workplace and using our resources efficiently throughout the world. In 1993, we made this philosophy public by establishing our first environmental policy, and we’ve never looked back. Gujarat Guardian Limited is a true champion for the environment.

We share your commitment

Enlisted in the prestigious GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) catalogue and backed with GreenPro certification, Gujarat Guardian Limited products save energy. We’ve invested millions globally to create some of the cleanest float glass plants in the world, and we operate in full compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. As a company, we innovate and collaborate to find ways of achieving economic growth while reaching our goal of sustainability and global environmental safety.

A better world starts with what we do

As leaders in the world of glass, we also need to lead the way in environmental protection. We have implemented policies on air and energy, waste and hazardous substances, water efficiency and recycling. Our Indian plant is ISO 9001:2015 certified, consistently meeting the strictest international requirements and the highest industry standards. However, our focus on social responsibility takes us one step further. As a company, we are committed to protecting this planet and the people on it, building a more sustainable life with glass.