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Our culture and values


Our Market-Based Management™ Philosophy

Our vision

We believe the role of business in society is to provide products and services that make people’s lives better. When we say people, we are referring to all constituencies who our efforts benefit. This includes our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and ultimately society. We support this belief through our vision to create virtuous cycles of mutual benefit. At the same time, we engage in perpetual transformation seeking to become a preferred partner and constantly improving.  

8 Principles ∞ Potential

    Have the courage to always act with integrity
    Act with proper regard for the rights of others. Put safety first. Drive environmental excellence and comply with all laws and regulations. Stop, think and ask. 
    Practice a philosophy of mutual benefit. Create superior value for the company by doing so for our customers and society. Help make Koch the preferred partner of customers, employees, suppliers, communities and other important constituencies.
    Transform yourself and the company. Seek, develop and utilize the visions, strategies, methods and products that will enable us to create the greatest value.
    Acquire the best knowledge from any and all sources that will enable you to improve your performance. Share your knowledge proactively. Provide and solicit challenge consistently and respectfully.
    Be humble, intellectually honest and deal with reality constructively. Develop an accurate sense of self-worth based on your strengths, limitations and contributions. Hold yourself and others accountable to these standards. 
    Treat everyone with honesty, dignity, respect and sensitivity. Embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge and skills in order to leverage the power of diversity.
    Be a lifelong learner and realize your potential, which is essential for fulfillment. As you become increasingly self-actualized you will better deal with reality, face the unknown, creatively solve problems and help others succeed.

Our culture

Market-Based Management® (MBM®) is the engine that powers Guardian Industries. MBM is a holistic approach to management that prepares organizations to deal successfully with the challenges of growth and change. A key component of our Market-Based Management philosophy is our culture created by applying our MBM Guiding Principles. 

Our principles emphasize our values and beliefs that include acting with integrity, putting safety first, acquiring the best knowledge, practicing humility, and behaving with respect by leveraging the power of diversity. Our principles guide every employee in Guardian to contribute to making people’s lives better. 

Practicing our MBM Guiding Principles creates a respectful and inclusive environment so our employees can thrive and increasingly self-actualize. These principles inspire us to make ever-increasing contributions to help others. This mutually beneficial way of working has been shown to create a distinct work culture that benefits employees that in turn creates value for customers and society. 


‘’Our Market-Based Management philosophy guides all we do in Guardian. Each of our talented employees strives to apply MBM in their role every day. We firmly believe our MBM approach enables us to provide products and services that make people’s lives better.‘’

Ron Vaupel

President and CEO of Guardian Industries