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Enhance beauty and privacy

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Behold the beauty and versatility of glass in your home

Look how glass can transform your home’s exterior. Then, look inside your home to see the possibilities of glass. This incredibly versatile material compliments other building and design elements while also creating privacy or open spaces, or both. 

Why consider glass for home interiors 

Your windows are the source of natural light in your home. This makes personal spaces more inviting and reduces the need for artificial light. Do you have there any interior rooms or areas that would benefit from this? Glass used in interior design – such as partitions, walls or railings – allows daylight to penetrate deeper into spaces, brightening interior rooms. Yet it can also create privacy and design with a textured or etched surface.

Why consider glass for home interiors 

How glass can be multi-functional 

Interior glass can be as subtle or as bold as your vision. A glass top on your dining room table is very functional, yet once complemented by a credenza of mirrored glass that plays with natural light it can create the illusion of depth in a smaller room. A glass railing on the stairs allows light to travel upstairs, and even the stairs themselves can be transformed. Just imagine how highly transparent, low-iron glass would make steps and railings ‘disappear’.

How glass can be multi-functional 

Whether your home is spacious or a studio apartment, glass also assists with strength, durability and even ease of cleaning. Clearer shower glass can open up a cramped bathroom. A translucent glass partition will hide a work desk from the rest of the space. Replacing a wall with sliding glass panels keeps outside noise low so you can work in your office but also keep an eye on children.

Glass to consider  

It’s a good idea to identify your technical and aesthetic needs to ensure you choose the right glass. This can include safety considerations, which thickness is right for a tabletop, which edge would work for your new shelves, which glass is most transparent or offers the most privacy. For example:  

  • Clear, low-iron glass enhances the aesthetic and lets a more natural light  
  • Laminated safety glass adds strength to a modern aesthetic for floors, stairs and balconies   
  • Etched, or colored glass adds privacy with a design twist.   
  • Mirrored glass creates privacy using reflectivity