Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

The glass made for stunning views

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is the ability of transmitted daylight through glazing and indicates the effect it has on the colours and objects viewed through the glass. CRI is measured on a scale of 1 – 100. For instance, a low CRI (below 80) causes colours to appear washed out, while a high CRI (above 80) causes colours to appear vibrant and natural.

Gujarat Guardian Limited reflective glass always offers better Our product offerings include solutions that have an impressive CRI of 99 on a scale from 1-100, which provide the most vibrant colours and breathtaking inside-outside views due to coating on a clear substrate.

Comparing CRIs

Reflective glass on a clear substrate (High CRI)

  • A high colour rendering index (above 80) results in beautiful clear inside-out views
  • The light falling through this glass is natural
  • This makes your interiors appear as close as they would to a natural setting and result in fabulous views

Reflective glass on a tinted substrate (Low CRI)

  • Provides low colour rendering index (below 80) which results in murky inside-out views
  • The light falling inside through this glass takes the colour of the tint
  • This makes your interiors look like the colour of the specific tint and nothing like the original

The Economic Benefits of CR

A glass with a good CRI on a clear substrate has many economic benefits for the three significant channels in the glass industry.


  • Exceptional design flexibility
  • Multiple thicknesses without any shade variation
  • Seamless aesthetics which provide a stellar look


  • Short lead time that meets urgent demands
  • Wide range of availability helping optimize wastage

End user

  • A great investment that provides value for money
  • Better visual connect with the outside world while creating great ambience inside