Organizations & associations

Industry affiliates

Guardian is affiliated with entities that work for a better tomorrow including:

The National Fenestration Rating Council
The NFRC is an independent non-profit organization that establishes objective window, door, and skylight energy performance ratings.

Efficient Windows Collaborative
This site provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use.

Glass Association of North America
The leading association serving flat glass manufacturers, fabricators and glazing contractors.

Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance
The international standards development organization for the insulating glass industry

Window & Door Manufacturers Association
Defines the standards of excellence in the residential and commercial window, door and skylight industry and advances these standards among industry members.

The United States Green Building Council
Committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED®, the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association
The premier source of education and standards in the fenestration industry.

Industry links

These resources and organizations can provide helpful information for glass specifications.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
The source of performance standards, product certification and educational programs for the fenestration industry

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
The voice of the architectural progression and the resource for its members in service to society

Architectural information on building products, manufacturers and specifications

AVITRU (Formerly Arcom - Masterspec®)
Publisher for AIA Masterspec

Online source for product specifications and models for use in Revit, Autocad, 3ds Max, Maya and other CAD applications

BSD SpecLink
Master guide specification writing, management and production system

Library of construction details and product profiles for architecture, engineering and landscaping

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
Dedicated to creating standards and formats to improve construction documents and project delivery

DOE Energy Star
Government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency
Research and information website for specifiers

Glass Association of North America (GANA)
Serving flat glass manufacturers, fabricators and glazing contractors

Glass Build America
Covers all segments of the glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing industries

Glass On Web
A portal dedicated to the glass industry with directories, news and articles, product information and other interesting topics

GreenWizard provides collaborative tools to help save time and money at every stage of your green building project

Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance
The leading organization on engineering and manufacturing insulating glass

McGraw-Hill Sweets Network
Comprehensive resource for building product information, CAD details and 3-Part specifications

National Glass Association (NGA)
Largest trade association representing the flat (architectural and automotive) glass industry

Renovate by Berkowitz Facade Retrofit System
A revolutionary window retrofit technology that converts existing single-pane windows into energy-efficient, triple-glazed insulated glass units (IGUs) using Guardian SuperNeutral® low-E for enhanced energy performance

Providing building professionals the ability to analyze, evaluate and plan design decisions with Free downloadable BIM tools and data, uniquely accessible within the design applications

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
Developers of LEED building rating system: dedicated to sustainable building design and construction