Malaya Ordynka

Residential Complex

Malaya Ordynka

A new 6-storey residential complex house in Malaya Ordynka is a masterpiece by ADM bureau. The authors of the project managed to blend this premium-class modern residential building into the historical center of the Russian capital.

  • Location

    Malaya Ordynka 19
    Moscow / Москва, Moscow
    Russian Federation

Project Team

This cast-in-place house of concrete and brick is designed in a European style and fitted with panoramic windows. Its original façade solution never fails to attract attention. The facades are made of three different materials, yet they perfectly match, partly thanks to the use of architectural glass of neutral shade in all the three variants.

The left façade, facing north, is glazed with curved glass bearing screen print. The curved elements resemble butterfly wings, and this unique design adds the whole building special aeriality and featheriness.

Bend glass in architecture helps alternate straight lines, corners and bent fractures with smooth curves, and a lot of modern designers make use of this technique. To add glass as the main façade element the desired shape, it is bent and further tempered, or bent in the gravity furnace at the temperature of 550 - 620℃.


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