Green Quarter

Residential complex

Multifunctional complex «Green Quarter» on the left bank of the Astana river is the first project in Kazakhstan that successfully passed the international certification according to LEED™ Campus Group system. 10 residential houses and 3 office towers are united by a common podium, beneath which there is concealed a whole “city”, made up of trade-and-entertainment center, a kindergarten, banks, car parks, a fitness center with a swimming pool and many other extremely useful facilities. Around the constructions there is a picturesque park with a huge artificial lake, furnished with fountains. There is even live fish lurking in its depths. On the embankment there are cafes and special grounds for doing sports, rest and entertainment.

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Project Team

A British architectural company, Aedas, was the author and the designer of the project, while the development was performed by BI Group. Together these companies created a complex that meets the highest requirements of modern ecological standards. Cutting-edge technologies and materials were used in the construction process. They include, but are not limited to, “smart home” systems, solar batteries and special water-taps that help reduce the water consumption twice.


  • OOO SSK-Trade
  • TOO StekloMir
  • TOO “KSS Astana”


  • Aedas