5 Stars

Residential Complex

5 stars

5 stars business class residential complex comprises five 14-storied blocks, located near Polyustrovsky pond and surrounded by green parks and public gardens. The facades of the buildings are remarkable for their unusual design – they are clad with colorful aluminum panels. The flats on the floors from 2 to 14 have glazed stanzas, or recessed balconies, while the flats on the top floor have double-levelled penthouses with panoramic glazing and spacious open terraces.

  • Building Type

    Housing Complex

  • Location

    ул. Жукова д.3
    Saint Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург, Leningradskaya oblast
    Russian Federation

Project Team

Five stars is the project by Sergey Choban, a world-famous architect and designer.


  • AO RGC