Laminated Glass

broken laminated glass and girl holding soccer ball

Extra strength, extra safety, extra protection

When the going gets tough, Gujarat Guardian laminated glass gets tougher. We offer a breadth of laminated glass configurations with numerous advantages. Our laminated glass significantly improves a window’s ability to withstand breakage, adds colour and sound control, and helps meet building codes and requirements. From entrance doors and glass floors, to aquariums and display cases, laminated glass is the perfect safety solution.

How it's made

Laminated glass is produced when two or more glass lites are permanently bonded with one or more plastic interlayers (PVB) using heat and pressure. The glass and interlayers can be a variety of colours and thicknesses. Laminated glass is often called “safety glass” because it meets the requirements of various code organizations. Laminated glass can be broken, but the fragments tend to adhere to the plastic layer and remain largely intact, reducing the risk of injury. Laminated glass can be incorporated with heat-strengthened and tempered glass to further increase impact resistance.

Design for safety

When you’re looking to enhance security or energy efficiency, Gujarat Guardian laminated glass is here. Our high-performance coatings can be combined with our laminated glass to keep buildings both safe and comfortable.

Design for style

Interested in colour and texture? Gujarat Guardian laminated glass is the answer. Our laminated glass is available in multiple textures and many colour options. Make a statement with an accent colour or define a space with acid-etched or textured glass. For more information about colour options and combinations contact your Gujarat Guardian Limited representative.

Design for sound control

Too much noise can be damaging to occupant health and wellbeing. Gujarat Guardian laminated glass can help create serene spaces indoors by improving acoustic performance, controlling sound and reducing unwanted noise.

building with clear and colored Guardian Glass North America laminated windows