SunGuard® Solar Plus

A revolutionary solar monolithic glass with class-leading performance

Guardian SunGuard® Solar Plus glass series is a revolutionary product that outperforms other conventional solar control monolithic glasses in its category. With best-in-class solar protection and thermal control, it also provides endless possibilities to design various facades you envision. Solar Plus, is truly a stellar choice for any kind of project.


Wide range of colour selection and economical solutions, Thickness range – 4 mm to 12 mm, Sizes – max. upto 3660mm x 2550mm


Short lead time, Manufactured in India, Colour consistency in supplies because of coating on clear substrate

Beautiful Range of Vivid Colours

Blue | Neutral | Grey | Green, Superior shades that create the design you envision, Optimised internal and external reflections

Colour Rendering Index

Clear and natural inside-out view because of coating on a clear substrate, Allows natural light to come inside

Saves More on Energy

Higher solar protection along with low emissivity, Lowest U-value in monolithic category, Enhanced occupant comfort, Higher savings on energy and faster payback period


Meets ECBC 2017 requirements*

*Subject to size usage

Design Flexibility

Dual advantage – can be used as monolithic and DGU, Seamless aesthetics across all thicknesses because of coating on clear, Achieve great vision-to-spandrel combination

Flexibility in Processing

Can be laminated, Can be ceramic fritted, Can be convex bended