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Research & Development

As a crucial part of buildings and homes, better glass conserves natural resources and makes people around the world more comfortable. Combining our diverse global resources with some of the most talented minds in material science and manufacturing, Gujarat Guardian Limited works tirelessly to design better performing glass and to imagine new ways that glass can be used.

Our latest advances come from a long tradition

At the heart of our research and development is our Science & Technology Center (STC), where 95 scientists and engineers work together to push the boundaries of light. Developing new glass coatings, processes, formulas and technologies, the team is committed to creating products that achieve our customer's goals and improve quality of life. STC features a full-size vacuum coater to accelerate product design and development.

Giant progress is measured in nanometers

Since 2018, Gujarat Guardian Limited has developed and applied glass coatings using the magnetron sputter coating process. Our researchers determine which combination of individual atoms will optimize the performance and aesthetics of the glass — impacting the right blend of colour, heat, insulation and light transmission. While the atoms are so tiny that they appear invisible on the glass, these coatings have a substantial impact on buildings and other applications where they are used.

Our breakthroughs get put to use

Success in the laboratory doesn’t mean much unless the breakthrough can be properly deployed in the field. Our team of engineers turns great formulas into superior products that can be manufactured around the world. With an undying focus on doing more with fewer resources, we are constantly looking to increase the efficiencies of our processes — benefiting ourselves, our customers and society at large.

The possibilities are endless

Glass is so critical to our daily life that we are constantly thinking about additional and better ways to use it. Drawing inspiration from other industries and using design thinking, we are envisioning how glass can make the way we work, play, learn and live better. While we do not know the future, we can bet that glass will play an ever more significant role in how it will be built.

R&D at our Science & Technology Center (STC)

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