Working towards perfection

As part of our continual process of improvement, we are committed to quality. We strive for the highest level of satisfaction in every aspect of our business—from the way our float glass is created to how it gets to our customers to how it will perform for many years to come.

Accountability at every level

Each of our plants is committed to verifying the quality of our float, coated and fabricated float glass products — using industry standard and proprietary techniques. To achieve product excellence takes many techniques and process designs, but most of all it takes a never-ending expectation of accountability from all of our people. We have developed a world-class quality management system that demonstrates how each level of our organization manages, performs and verifies its work. Our system ensures everyone is informed and accountable, and that our customers receive products that meet their expectations.

The end of the line is too late

Gujarat Guardian Limited is not only thinking about how we can achieve flawless quality assurance on the assembly line, but also how we can design our products to perform throughout their life cycle. It starts with the way we develop our coatings and float glass formulas—analysing how our products will look and perform over their lifetimes by having better control over the associated processes. In each factory we are testing our products through well-established world-class QC methods that can then be shared throughout all our facilities. As the products leave our factories, we have developed patented packaging techniques that prevent damage in transit. Through excellence at every stage of the process, you can be confident that Gujarat Guardian Limited will deliver for years to come.

More than our word

See how our commitment to quality translates into customer satisfaction.

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