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Understand how glass can influence a building's energy and acoustic performance.

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Understand glass

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There’s almost no limit to what you can create with glass

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Glass is the ultimate building element, and can be tailored to each project

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Vibrant blue glass enhances the design of the building

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Glass helps set the scene for a comfortable stay in Dubai

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Understand glass


Our world would be a very different place without glass and the new technologies that are reinventing how it’s applied. It’s even been said we are living in the ‘Glass Age’. 

Through industry-leading research and development, and constantly challenging established thinking to See What’s Possible™, Guardian Glass has helped expand glass expertise and knowledge still further. 

We’re also committed to sharing what we learn, because a world of glass is a more inspiring and energy-efficient world. There’s very little limit to what we can achieve with this wonder material, so please join us in learning more.

How glass is made

Methods of making glass have changed considerably over the centuries, from a highly skilled craft to today’s high volume industrial production. One of the most important innovations in the glass industry was the development of the Float Glass production process and we’d like to give you an insight into how float glass is made today.

How glass is made

Benefits of glass

Today’s glass has to deliver on much more than its appearance, it also needs to help meet some very challenging performance requirements. As a building material, glass offers a huge range of aesthetic and performance options – helping your project to stand out from the crowd while also performing to its best.

Benefits of glass

Properties of glass

Most architectural glass today is produced using the float glass process. At Guardian Glass, we produce our float glass in various standard thicknesses and sizes, which can then be further processed.

Properties of glass

Design options for glass

Why is glass such a key design element in modern architecture? Glass allows you to create transparent design elements in a variety of colors and shapes.

Design options for glass