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Saint Petersburg

Sports arena

Морской проспект д.1

Saint Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург, 0000


Sports arena

Морской проспект д.1

Saint Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург, 0000


Description of the project

«Saint Petersburg» stadium is located at the site, previously occupied by the Kirov stadium and looks like a huge spaceship. The arena, put into use in December, 2016, is equipped with a draw out-mounted field and a sliding roof, which lies on 8 masts and is 286 meters in diameter. The stadium is designed to accommodate 69 thousand spectators.

Project Team

Kisho Kurokawa’s project was selected for the stadium construction, as this prominent Japanese architect referred to the topic of space exploration, which is dear to the hearts of Russians.

Products Used

Guardian SunGuard® HP Titan 70/54 coated glass was used to glaze this object. The total glazing square is twenty-five thousand square meters that helps to protect fans from changeable weather and sharp sea winds. Thanks to the glazing, the stadium retains optimal environment at any time of the year.

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