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Iskra Park

Condo / apartment / housing

Ленинградский пр-т. 35

Moscow / Москва, 125284


Condo / apartment / housing

Ленинградский пр-т. 35

Moscow / Москва, 125284


Iskra Park

Guardian Glass in «Smart House» in Moscow

Cutting-edge technologies and classical traditions, strict, solemn and at the same time festive architectural style – these are the features of Iskra-Park residential complex in Moscow. The development is majestic and stately, reminding of Moscow of the 30-ies and 50-ies of the 20th century. Iskra-Park complex is located next to Leningradsky prospect.

The authors of the project are Gals-Development company and SPEECH architectural bureau. It is not by chance that they are called «pioneers in Soviet art deco revival». The constructions within Iskra-Park complex are distinguished by the strict geometry of shapes and noble shades of the trim stones, which are reminiscent of the era long gone. The interior design of the lobby with its high ceilings and huge stained-glass windows loosely resembles the grand entrance of the Ukraina Hotel. The original design of Iskra-Park’s facades further fuels the associations, as they are decorated with ornaments, made up of five-pointed stars and airplanes. Inside you get dissolved in the aristocratic landscape air, created by alleys, flower-beds, trim lawns and pavilions.

The apartments of the residential complex are «smart». There is a digital platform that unites controls over all the engineering systems of the apartments within one user-friendly smartphone application. The individual scenario allows residents of Iskra-Park to adjust the curtain controls, to switch on/off and regulate the light, sockets, air-conditioning system, heating, etc.

Modern business center is a part of Iskra-Park. It is remarkable for the bold geometry of glazed facades. The architects opted for Guardian SunGuard® Neutral 70 HT multifunctional coated glass to glaze the external surface of this construction. Its moderate glassiness accentuates the façade edges, creating a 3D effect.

The windows of business-class apartments in Iskra-Park residential complex offer breathtaking panoramic views over Petrovsky Park, Khodynskoye Field and skyscrapers of Moscow City. SunGuard® Neutral 70 HT architectural glass also serves as an example of breakthrough technologies. Thanks to an exceptionally thin layer of metals, sputtered onto the glass sheet by magnetron deposition, developers managed to create a product that perfectly combines neutrality, energy efficiency and solar protective properties. SunGuard Neutral 70 HT glass takes care of comfort indoors in all weather conditions, its energy efficient coating can reduce heating expenses as well as the air-conditioning costs, while its moderate glassiness protects the apartment residents from curious eyes from the busy street outside. There were no such technologies in Moscow of the 30-ies, yet citizens of the modern capital can enjoy them to the full extent today!

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