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High performance spells high quality and as a glass industry professional, you expect first-grade quality products to best satisfy your customers.

Quality and precision are two key factors that go into creating any successful formulation. It is very crucial to cater to these aspects when choosing the kind of products you want for your structures.

Our glass products offer you the most accurate kind of solution you need in terms of performance, aesthetics and a wide range of innovations for every kind of project.

Ensuring that you never second-guess your choice of glass products for your architectural applications ever again.

Glass Analytics

Our award-winning suite of tools to support architects, glass fabricators and customers including Glass Visualizer, Performance Calculators and the Sustainability Calculator.

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Product Line

We offer a wide product range of advanced architectural and interior glass solutions through Guardian® SunGuard® and MODIGUARD® respectively.


Product Support

Count on Gujarat Guardian Limited experts for any level of support you need to use glass

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