Architects and Specifiers

The glass that crafts masterpieces.

Apart from being the result of a great vision, all iconic landmarks share something else in common, great glass.

Choosing the right glass can make all the difference for an architectural project. With Gujarat Guardian Limited products you gain the power to define your structure and make it look mediocre or like a masterpiece.

For an exemplary design, only the best of materials should be trusted. Select the right products for your project, and you are already halfway towards completing your masterpiece.

By choosing our architectural glass coating products, you can drastically improve a building's aesthetic and appearance, while ensuring best-in-class performance when it comes to energy consumption, light transmission and heat reflection.

Glass for façades and any architectural applications.

When it comes to your project, why settle for anything less than the best. The product you decide to adorn your façade with will dictate how appealing it is.

To help you make the best decision, we offer a range of impeccable glass products to choose from for architectural projects.

An all rounder in its truest sense. Our glass combines superb aesthetics, solar control, thermal insulation, low reflection, anti-glare, safety and security, sound reduction, decoration and privacy.

Diverse, versatile and fit for façades or any architectural application, we can help you find the right glass to suit your needs and preferences.

Glass Analytics

Our award-winning suite of tools to support architects, glass fabricators and customers including Glass Visualizer, Performance Calculators and the Sustainability Calculator.

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BIM data

Building Information Modeling Generator applies science and cutting-edge expertise to maximize the power of appearance and performance, streamlining workflow.

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Product Line

We offer a wide product range of advanced architectural and interior glass solutions through Guardian® SunGuard® and MODIGUARD® respectively.

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We can help you make it happen

On your next design, whether it’s a stadium or a single work of art, increase light transmission and do away with distortion and reflection. We can assist in making enveloping glass picture-perfect, no matter the angle.

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